The P10 Power Plant:

The largest and most advanced high-end personal power generating station in the world, the P10 is pure state of the art. Capable of powering any size system with pure sine wave power, nothing comes even close to a P10?s ability to bring forth all that’s possible from your system and ensuring you get the same great performance every time you listen. Music comes alive as never before with a P10.

With your system powered directly from the pure output of the P10, dynamics and openness are breathtaking. New voices, new harmonics and a renewed sense of musicality are yours the moment the P10 starts up. This is clearly one of the most important pieces of audio equipment you can own – building a firm and reliable foundation for your system that will serve you for years to come.

The P5 Power Plant:

Bring back the magic locked away in your system and have it sound just as great day or night with a P5 Power Plant. The second largest of PS Audio’s personal power generating stations, the P5 produces pure and perfect AC and is the power source of choice for almost any size system. Smaller than the P10 this workhorse of a product should be the foundation on which you build your system when a P10 isn’t in the cards.


Compared to PS Audio’s previous state-of-the-art, the Power Plant Premier, the P10 and P5 individually boast twice the magnetics, twice the energy storage and four times the number of output devices, which provides a stunning reduction in output impedance. In fact, the output impedance of the P10 and P5 is now 100 times lower than any Power Plant ever built. What’s that mean to you? Dramatically improved dynamics, openness and transparency and the feeling that you’re as close to the music as you’ve ever been before.

The P10 and P5 are the most remarkable Power Plants ever built. They will handle even wider voltage fluctuations than any Power Plant yet, up to 280 volts for PS Audio’s overseas models and up to 170 volts for domestic pieces, enough to deal with even the most unstable supply your utility throws at you. You can throw virtually anything at the Perfect Wave series Power Plants and still expect your A/V system to perform its best. Regulated, powerful, rebuilt AC from any quality of power you feed it, the P10 or P5 will transform your system from good to stunning.

You can monitor your power quality from the front panel of the P10 or P5 with both its real time distortion analyzer and working oscilloscope. Measure everything that’s going on affecting your system’s performance. You can also monitor and control your P10 or P5 over the internet from anywhere in the world.

The P10 or P5 will allow you to schedule system ‘vacations’ or down time so you’re not burning power when you don’t need to. This can be in the middle of the night, or when you’re on vacation and when you’re ready, the P10 or P5 turns everything back on for you zone-by-zone. Perhaps there are a few critical components you want to remain on, but others are OK to shut down and save power.

In the back of the P10 and P5 there are two mini jacks that can be assigned as either an IR input or output or a DC trigger transmitter or receiver. For the IR capabilities, the P10 or P5 can be assigned up to 15 separate IR commands for any zone and these IR broadcasts can be triggered by any number of assignable events. This helps the P10 or P5 maintain complete control over not only the AC power to your system, but by directly controlling that same equipment through a remote control.

If you have equipment that needs a DC trigger to turn it on or off remotely, you can assign one of the mini jacks to be either the sending or receiving unit for these commands and remotely turn on/off equipment or have that equipment remotely turn on/ off the P10 or P5.

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