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Bowers & Wilkins



In 2016, Bowers & Wilkins will be 50 years old; and that is 50 years of what some might call perfection in sound. It is from humble beginnings in the seaside town of Worthing, UK that B&W has grown into a world class leader in high-end speakers and audio systems. B&W loudspeakers are used to monitor some of the best recordings in the world and are the choice of internationally famous studios such as Abbey Road, The BBC, Decca and Skywalker Studios. Bowers & Wilkins produces loudspeakers for nearly every home audio and home theatre application and performance level.

The B&W range starts with speakers for on-wall, in-wall, on-ceiling and in-ceiling custom audio speakers to diamond tweeters used in their flagship 800 Series speakers. The 600 series range was launched in late 2007 and has already picked up numerous awards including Product of the Year for its stunning 685 bookshelf loudspeaker. Using trickle-down technology from the 800 Series, B&W has wowed listeners all over the world with their new 600 Series. The Nautilus loudspeaker represents the pinnacle of what B&W can achieve towards the perfect loudspeaker and is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, not for its functionality BUT as a 'work of art'.

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800 Series Diamond

The new 800 Series Diamond range sets even higher benchmarks for performance and quality within its category, preserving its competitive advantage and Bowers & Wilkins reputation for excellence. Almost every component that can be replaced has been replaced, including both moving parts and the industrial design. This includes all new colours and finishes to make the speaker look even more stunning that its predecessor. The new 800 Series Diamond isn't simply the world's best loudspeaker. It is the most advanced range of loudspeakers ever made.
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CM Series

With the new CM Series, beauty runs far more than skin deep. In a beautiful blend of form and function, the CM series is a remarkable range of loudspeaker. Utilising only what is most essential, the 'less is more' approach has produced unbeatable quality from a speaker of this class. Beautiful, inside and out.
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600 Series

The 600 Series provides high levels of performance that everyone can afford. Superior audio performance, power and affordable prices, make it the best value for money that we can offer. With a range of speaker sizes, the 600 Series is designed to work; from floorstanding audiophile stereo and home cinema in larger rooms to bookshelf and wall mounted compact speakers in smaller spaces. The 600 Series will suit most uses, homes and budgets. Now everyone can.
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McLaren Automotive

How we work with McLaren Automotive
Two years ago, Bowers & Wilkins joined forces with McLaren Automotive to supply quality sound in their new class of sports car with the Bowers & Wilkins Audio System. Our system is the premium audio option for Sports Series and take rates across the range have exceeded our expectations since the cars came to market.

Maintaining the ethos and engineering precision behind our brand and core products, the Bowers & Wilkins Audio System for Sports Series features key technology such as Tweeter-on-Top, Kevlar®, Rohacell® and Nautilus™.